Friday, April 11, 2008

Lechon, Finally!

March 30

Pangga and I went to downtown San Francisco today and went shopping for new jeans and dress shoes for him at Gap and Burlington. After shopping, we planned to go to a Chinese buffet restaurant near Civic Center.

On our way to the restaurant, we came across a Filipino market. We went inside to check out their goods. We bought a couple of things like palabok and sinigang (Pangga's favorite) mixes. When we were at the counter to pay for it, something caught my attention. Lo and behold! LECHON! Yipppeeee!

We have been trying to look for it, for a couple of months now. We heard it's sold in Daly City where there's a huge Filipino community but it was quite a long travel. But we were planning to go there anyway, the following week.

It's such a find! Right in downtown SF too! Whoopie! The cashier told us it's sold only on weekends. Now, we can finally have our Lechon fix whenever we want it, without traveling far. YUUUMM!

Philippine lechon is usually roasted for 4-5 hours depending on the size of the pig. The cavity is slathered with salt and pepper, then loaded with cloves of garlic, lemon grass, onions and bay leaves. It really depends on what spices you prefer. The belly is sewed to keep the spices marinating inside while roasting. (I'm salivating already, hehehe).

To keep the skin crispy and evenly roasted, it's brushed periodically with a sauce mixed with sprite, soysauce, spices and a little butter. Again, there are many ways the sauce can be made but that's how we made it back home.

My family in the Philippines love lechon and it's always the main "viand" during birthdays and holidays. Pangga had a taste of it when he visited the Philippines and has become a fan of it. Who can resist a slow- roasted, moist pork oozing with aromatic spices? I say that anybody who doesn't like it, is not human. hehehe.

The Hawaiians have there own version of it too and they call it kālua pork. I've tried it here but the spices used are not all the same, but pretty close. I prefer our own Philippine lechon! (bias- of course, hehehe).

Here are some photos on how lechon's roasted.

My sister Letlet is having fun trying it out.

During my birthday.

Beli and Ivy during our FU- College of Nursing fiesta, sa Pilipinas.


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