Friday, April 11, 2008


March 22

Success! Finally reached Lake Anza. But it was tough going down because we took a trail that wasn't found in the map. It was probably used by some adventurous hikers like us.

It was a steep slope going down and sometimes close to a cliff. We were very careful to stay close to the trees and found walking sticks to keep ourselves steady.

We did have a superb view of Lake Anza.

Closer to the lake now. Whew!

"Just over the hill from Berkeley, Tilden Park's Lake Anza is a favorite getaway. Its sandy beach is open to the sun and sheltered from the wind, with lifeguards posted during the swim season. Wheelchair accessible features include drinking water, ample parking, and trail access. Picnic grounds are located nearby.

There is a beach access fee to the swim area, which has changing rooms. The lake is open for fishing throughout the year. A state fishing license is required for persons age 16 or older. The lake is not stocked, but has naturally occurring largemouth bass, bluegill, sunfish, and channel catfish."

We didn't stay long at Lake Anza. We hiked towards Wildcat Gorge Trail. Approximately .97 miles, merging at the end with Lone Oak road. That's where we started our hike.

We decided that Wildcat Gorge Trail is now our favorite trail. There are many Redwood trees and the trail is alongside a river.

"Redwood is a rapidly growing tree, and some individual trees have been measured at more than 360 feet in height, making it the tallest measured tree species on the earth." (AMAZING!)

"In favorable situations, trees 20 years old may average 50 feet in height and 8 inches in diameter. Average mature trees are from 200 to 240 feet high with diameters of 10 to 15 feet at 4 feet 8 inches above the ground. Exceptional individuals sometimes reach a height of 350 feet, a diameter of over 20 feet, and an age of approximately 2000 years."

When you walk amongst trees like these, a hush descends and envelops you reassuringly. One has to whisper, so the spell won't be broken.

Looks like a gateway into the world of faerie.

Exhausted from the hike, we reached one picnic ground called "Stream" and decided to eat our meal there. Our picnic table's beside a stream and under a giant Redwood tree. My Pangga looked for some firewood and then we grilled hotdogs, heated the buns and made coffee. (aaAAHHH, BLISS!)

We were tired but decided to hang out a little bit in the meadows and played frisbee. Pangga agreed that we walked 4.5 to 5 miles, from 11 am to 3 pm. It was a very beautiful day!


Above: This separates when the wind blows and wherever they "settle", there the dandelions flourish.

I highlighted the trails we took in Tilden Park, so far. We plan to go to the Botanic gardens next time or go all the way to Bay Area Ridge trail.

More photos from our last trail which I refer to as the "world of faerie".

Photo above looks like a "skeleton hand".

"Alien tree".

Photo above looks like the head of a wolf resting or asleep.

The trees above which grows on uneven ground and dips toward the river, seem to have gaping mouths saying, "Help!" or "Stop shoving!".

Some trees fell due to a previous storm and the trunk which was blocking the trail, had to be cut. This one is called "Tenacity".


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