Sunday, March 16, 2008

Red Lobster, Fremont

March 1

Pangga and I decided to go to Red Lobster today. The nearest one was at Fremont. Being a "shutterbug", I didn't forget to bring the camera. My man patiently stopped and made a detour every time I wanted to take a picture. From a field of flowers, to fountains and sculptures, I took snapshots of things that caught my interest. It was such a beautiful day and the smell of spring was in the air.

We were hungry by the time we arrived at the restaurant. We frequently saw advertisements of "Lobsterfest", which happens only once a year at Red Lobster, and we were convinced to try it immediately. I had raspberry iced tea to begin with.

Then we ordered:
Lobster, Crab and Seafood-Stuffed Mushrooms-
Fresh mushrooms stuffed with seafood, smothered in Monterey Jack cheese and baked until golden brown.

Lobster Lover's Dream-
A succulent rock lobster tail and sweet Maine lobster tail, roasted and served with shrimp, lobster and langostino linguini Alfredo.

It was delicious! The lobster sweet and juicy. But the only thing I didn't like about it was that the dip is pure melted butter. ( Uhh, cholesterol!) I wanted vinegar and soysauce for my seafood please. I steered clear from the butter and made do with pepper tough, to enhance the taste. Jonnie also joined us and he got lobster wrapped in bacon and virtually swimming in butter. Overall, minus the abundant melted butter, the meal was superb.


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