Friday, February 15, 2008

Super Bowl XLII : Giants 17, Patriots 14

Feb 3

So excited to watch Super Bowl XLII! Pangga was under the weather so we decided to stay home to watch it. We had our snacks ready and we were set for cheering NY Giants. I was rooting for the underdog: Giants because I've seen the team's promise when they played against the Patriots and also against other teams on their previous games. It wasn't expected that they would make the playoffs, citing that Eli wasn't consistent.

Eli Manning proved everybody wrong when they won the Superbowl! He was in good form when the game started until it ended. ( I think he really has matured). WHHOOOOO! Pangga and I were jumping up and down. I bet the neighbors were wondering what was happening that time. It was a big upset especially for the New England Patriots because they had 18 straight wins from the start of the season until the play-offs. Who would have thought Patriots would be beaten by the Giants!

I was disappointed when the Colts lost during the play-offs, since Pangga and I both like Peyton Manning. But knowing his brother won, compensated that. Wow! Their family must be proud, both brothers won the Super Bowl in two succeeding years!

We had beef lumpia, subway sandwich (I forgot what is was though, maybe pastrami) and chips (salt and vinegar flavor). YYYUUUMM!

I retrieved this photo from the NFL website:

Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning is congratulated by Michael Strahan after the Giants' shocking victory.
By Vic Carucci /


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