Saturday, February 16, 2008


Feb 9

After the presentation at SGI, Darrell, Pangga and I went to downtown San Francisco to relax. We just wanted a drink since we still had a full stomach after the Indian lunch we had at a place along 16th Street. YUM! Pangga and I both love Indian food and made more special because it was Darrell who treated us out for lunch. Sam (Darrell's best friend) joined us too.

We went to Harrington's, an Irish bar. On our way there, we saw this beautiful garden along Market street. The sight was so relaxing.

At Harrington's with my cutie!

Dedicated to Mechanics by James Mervin Donahue

Madonna and Child with a base sculpted elaborately. Then I fused the four corners of the base. (below) Please click on the photo to enlarge.


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