Sunday, January 13, 2008

Katy's birthday and ten pound dark chocolate


We were invited to spend the night at Jonnie's in Freemont. It was Katy's birthday. Of course I made lumpia for the gang. Had fun watching movies. We first watched "Casablanca" and then "Barb Wire". The plot in Barb Wire was a total ripoff from Casablanca, only reversing the roles of the protagonist. The game was: you get to drink every time a plot or dialogue came straight from Casablanca. We had tons of fun!

Oh WOW! 10 pound chocolate! I knew my sister, Letlet would go nuts over this, being "chocoholic". I sent her the photo right away and I was right : YEP!!! She was salivating over it! hehehe.

Jonnie taking a bite. I did too and it tasted good!


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