Friday, January 11, 2008

Jonnie's birthday at Hooters


Jonnie (Bee's bestfriend) planned a huge "james bond theme" party for his 40th birthday. When we called what time it would start, Jonnie said it was cancelled because Katie (his wife) had an accident. We were glad Katie was alright but the incident put a damper on the plan and repairs needed to be done too. We decided to go anyway to Freemont and treat Jonnie out for lunch. Katie didn't feel like going with us. We agreed to go to Hooters to watch football and have eye candy for the guys, esp. birthday boy. It was my first time in Hooters and I liked it: huge Tv screens to watch football and pretty girls. I know now why males are drawn there: DUH! hehehe. Jonnie had fun (he said), so we were quite happy with that.

Before going, the Hooters' gals sang a birthday song and Jonnie had to do a hula with a hoop. hehehe captured on cam!


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