Friday, January 11, 2008

Darrell's surprise birthday party


Darrell is one of our friend and also Bee's colleague at TTS. The Nestle' team he manages planned a surprise birthday party for him at work and Bee was told about it. Of course when I knew, I offered to make lumpia. We were so excited. During the big day, Bee and Doris went out to buy lunch with Darrell as they usually do (to steer him away this time), while Patricia went out to get the birthday cake and Mary helped with decorating the lunchroom. Darrell never suspected a thing! I missed all of these because I was a bit late ( stopped to buy a birthday card ). They told me that Darrell was ecstatic! He told Eric, let's call Sherry and invite her to come over. Three minutes after he said that, I arrived. Magic! He didn't know I was coming. hehehe

birthday celebrant, cake and balloons

Below_L-R: Doris, Darrell, Me and Bee


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