Sunday, January 13, 2008



One tradition from the Philippines, in preparation for the New Year, is to collect 7 types of round fruits. The round shape signifies money or wealth and will bring prosperity in the family, while seven is believed to be a lucky number. Pangga and I stretched this a bit and bought 12 kinds of fruits to represent the 12 months in a year.

We just stayed home on the first day of the year 2008 because I told Pangga that another belief is not to spend any money on that day, so you won't get into the habit of spending all your money for the whole year. He had the urge to go to the store more than once,(hehehe) but I persuaded him not to. I guess it's more of practicing self-discipline on how to manage your expenses. Not spending your money on the start of the year, will be a constant reminder on not to overspend. Makes sense? It does to me.


In the afternoon, we watched the Rose Bowl on ESPN : Illinois vs. USC. Of course we rooted for the Fighting Illini, that's why we wore our Illini t-shirts. Go Illini! Eric's dad was watching it too. Unfortunately, our team did not win. Anyway, we still had fun cheering and clapping.

Union Square, San Francisco

We went to downtown San Francisco, day before new year. We decided to check out the huge Christmas tree in Union square. A lot of tourists were there and one was kind enough to take our picture in front of the giant tree. We decided not to stay for the nighttime fireworks display because it will be too crowded. After that, we went to the ice- skating rink in Embarcadero Center. A lot of people were trying it out. Bee and I just watched. I guess we had to start sometime and learn how to ice-skate, but that wasn't the day since we were too pooped. All in all, it was a fabulous day!

Flowers from Pangga


It's always nice to receive fresh flowers from my man.


Dec25 morning

We both had fun opening gifts on Christmas morning. HAPPY! HAPPY!

Christmas star and gifts

Dec25 12:01 am


My "Santa Claus"

I got to open one gift which Pangga gave me. My first Christmas gift : a Dutch Rabbit puppet! YAAYY! Another addition to our rabbit family. We named him "Dutchy", hehehe. I know it's not original but it can easily be remembered.


I baked a chocolate cake (first ever). It wasn't complicated since I just followed instructions from a Betty Crocker cake mix package. hehehe.

I made a star for our Christmas tree.

Finally finished the golden star and put it on top of our Christmas tree.

Super excited to open my Christmas gifts!

Our Christmas greeting


We sent out Christmas cards via "snail mail" and emails to our family and friends. Happy Holidays everyone!

Katy's birthday and ten pound dark chocolate


We were invited to spend the night at Jonnie's in Freemont. It was Katy's birthday. Of course I made lumpia for the gang. Had fun watching movies. We first watched "Casablanca" and then "Barb Wire". The plot in Barb Wire was a total ripoff from Casablanca, only reversing the roles of the protagonist. The game was: you get to drink every time a plot or dialogue came straight from Casablanca. We had tons of fun!

Oh WOW! 10 pound chocolate! I knew my sister, Letlet would go nuts over this, being "chocoholic". I sent her the photo right away and I was right : YEP!!! She was salivating over it! hehehe.

Jonnie taking a bite. I did too and it tasted good!

downtown San Francisco Christmas decorations


Amazing view: full moon seemingly adorning the tip of the (Bank of America) huge Christmas tree.

inside the Bank of America building. Awesome decorations!


This huge Christmas tree is at the entrance of Bank of America building along Kearny St.

Christmas lights
along Embarcadero.

Crane "origami" made by Darrell using a table napkin. Had drinks at Holding Co.

Christmas tree and Letlet's birthday

Called my sister Letlet, it's her birthday. She has the same birthdate with our friend, Darrell. Reminded me that it's the start of "misa de galo" or early morning mass (as early as 4 am) in the Philippines.


Pangga and I also decided that it's time to set up our Christmas tree. So that's what we did. Below are the "before" and "after" photos.

Our cute and beautiful Christmas tree is set up! YEHEEYYY!