Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Turkey giblets

Asians like dishes that may be viewed as weird by the Westerners. Fish heads, chicken giblets, pork and beef liver or intestines, to name a few. Sautéed chicken liver with onions and cooked as adobo, is easily one of my favorite dishes.

When we bought the turkey, it came with the giblets (heart, gizzard, and liver). I was so excited to try my first-ever turkey giblets. I seasoned it first with garlic salt and black pepper and fried it. I mixed soy sauce, vinegar and garlic for my dip. MMMmm SO tasty.

...fried turkey giblets and coffee with peppermint mocha creamer.

My Pangga didn’t like liver, but was brave to take a bite. He didn’t care for the liver, as evidenced by the photo below.( Hehehe)

He had two bites of fried gizzard and said it wasn’t too bad.

As for me, Well…..


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