Sunday, October 28, 2007

SF 49ers vs. Saints

Monster Park.
Went to see the SF 49ers play against the Saints today. I noticed the same people in our row, probably have season tickets. That's what Pangga said. We were hoping the 49ers would win this time. We were disappointed. The Saints scored a touchdown right away in the first quarter, plowing through 73 yards with just 4 plays! OMGosh! It didn't stop there. The 49ers fans witnessed several painful moments, as the other team's score rose to 24. The starting QB for the 49ers, Alex Smith, did not perform well. I guess he hasn't fully recovered from a separated shoulder sustained weeks before. Bummer! We left at the end of the third quarter: Saints 24, 49ers 3. It was depressing to watch.

Went for a walk in downtown San Francisco before going home. Metreon park, beautiful and refreshing behind the waterfalls. Quick kiss and smiles. We felt much better after. hehehe. Bought food in Jollibee. It's like McDonald's but it's a Filipino-owned food chain. Love pancit palabok and buko pina pie!

When we reached home, looked up the final score. Apparently, 49ers got a touchdown. Hurray! At least they scored again!


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