Friday, June 1, 2007

Familiar Things


Familiar Things
(6april'07 Shey)

Sometimes, I wish for
all things familiar :
...just mainly two seasons
rain or shine and thats it,
no extreme cold and freezing
for air condition instead of heater
for thin ,sheer tanks instead of jackets
for shorts and skirts without the chill
for coconut trees instead of pine
for white sand beaches
for buying the food you want
without traveling far for it
for neighbors who speak the same language
for expression in your native tongue
for the same Asian faces
to feel the wind blowing
when I drive the motorcycle
for innocence and naivete

I wish all these familiar things
and where it's supposed to be
The only thing that differs
is I don't get to have you there
so I will endure all things strange:
for four seasons ,
where the weather gets confusing
for heaters in place of air conditioners
for jackets and jeans and keeping warm
where hearing someone speak
my native tongue as fascinating ,
since I rarely get to hear it.
I left all things familiar for a new life.
Then so be it.
But I still wish sometimes...


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  1. sacrifices are not that hard to make when you do it for and out of love ...sacrifice is when you get nothing in exchange for something - it is when you just sacrifice for sacrifice's sake.


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