Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Going Home!


I am going home for a few days and I am SO excited to see my Pangga! YIPEE! We are spending our birthdays together! Hooray for Gemini Rabbits!


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happiness is..


Happiness is..
seeing your eyes light up
when you see me;
hear your happy sigh
as you greet me;
enfolding me in safety
and warmth;
let me feel cherished
and far from harm;
softly whisper
your love forevermore;
for us, years of laughter
are in store.

(for my Bana, Wala'y katapusan!)
30may07 by Shey


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Just smile

Just smile.


Cleansing one's soul


Writing has a way of cleansing one's soul, giving it respite from all doubts and unimaginable fears. Of keeping you company when there is none, likened to an individual who just listens to all you've got to say without being judgmental.Words enunciated with every intake of breath and pouring out of emotions with every breath expelled.

I've been reaching out to people I know, been trying to call them all day and everybody is too busy to pick up their phones or too engrossed in their own world. If you do get hold of them, they sound like they are in a hurry or perhaps they want to be left in peace to be able to rest during the weekend.I am sounding pathetic, I know, but there are times when you just want to talk to them so badly that it gets frustrating not being able to reach them.Sometimes you wonder if they are doing alright, or did you lose them without saying how you exactly feel ,for the last time? Sometimes, aloneness. Most often, a struggle.

I know a lot of people go through emotions like mine, that's what I like to think. That after all, I'm never alone. Focus on the positive side and always remember what I've read last night, " Everything is a learning experience".

So, let me just write whatever I am learning and will learn.